My name is jimmy ans. Furthermore, I live in india (Goa)and I am the sole proprietor and big enchilada of Pet Lovers shop. My adoration for creatures started at an early age. There hasn't been a period in my life when pets weren't a piece of it. Pets are my obsession! Today I am a pleased to be a Pet Lover. Pets are my essence and love to have me folded over their little paws. My heart additionally has a place with two kitties safeguarded from a vet center and a kitty whose family moved away and left her behind.

Throughout the years, loved ones have depended their valuable pets in my care since they confided in my capacities and realized that I would regard their pets as I would my own. Going through my days with felines and puppies is a definitive activity. Kinda difficult to try and call it "an occupation." Who can oppose waggs and murmurs, wet kisses and lap rests? Positively not me. Pet sitting and pooch strolling is my calling, my job and my business.

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